Unique & New Technology Leader Company
According to unique and creative ICT, Unicomnet Co.,Ltd provides IT service improving quality of life and leads IT technology in public.
A company that puts the best value on happiness (Unified)
Unicomnet takes priority employee’s happiness. Because we believe it is competitive power in the future.
A growing company based on talent and technology (Innovation)
Since 2001 foundation of company, Unicomnet leads domestic public next generation BcN market and compact smart-city solution area with company of creating values for people and society. We think ‘People’ is most important thing. Unicomnet is still growing based on employee’s self-developing and Know-how piled up with various experience
Company with customer trust (Communication)
In the fourth industrial revolution, demands of hyper connectivity network constructing are constantly growing for providing service based on super intelligence.

In the public institution, be BcN No.1 was able to with customer’s belief. With this precious belief, Unicomnet is going to be the leader of hyper connectivity network in the fourth industrial revolution.
Please expect Unicomnet’s next step.